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Oregon artist Doug Newport began working with metal in the 70's and 80's as he built his first hot rod, a 1931 Ford Model A coupe. Over time his passion and skill in working with metal grew as he worked on a variety of home improvement and automotive projects. One of his latest projects, a 1927 Ford rat rod roadster, arrived in boxes and left as a rolling chassis.

In 2010, working with other artists like Dave Bartles Fused Glass, Doug began to fill a need for high quality, stylish art stands for fused glass and ceramic artwork. Working nightly in his "garage shop," Doug shapes each stand to fit the art piece. Using rolled angle iron as a channel, his tabless designs blend nicely with the art piece and have become popular with glass artists. Most round stand designs for plates and bowls are custom built but can be "manually adjusted" slightly to accomodate for variations in artwork sizes.

As the number and style of display stands grew, Doug began looking for an outlet for his products. Connecting with a premier glass shop in his local area, Roses Glassworks, Doug began learning about the glass industry from artists and business-owners Mitch and Pam McDougal. Since the first designs were produced, Roses Glassworks has stocked a wide selection of stands to perfectly fit your prized glass artwork.

2008 Cruise to Grants Pass, OR

Fishin' with Dad near Mt. Hood, OR